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Bumper Shuffleboard Plan Book

Bumper Shuffleboard Table Plans
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Sample projects that were built using our plans!


These step-by-step plans are easy to follow and include many pictures and illustrations to help you build a 12' bumper shuffleboard table.

The plans contain 24 pages of information, illustrations and photographs that take you from start to finish in building your own 12' bumper shuffleboard table. (You can make the table longer if you wish by expanding the plan dimensions.) Printed in color on 8 1/2“ x 11“ premium paper, the plans are bound in a durable spiral binder that you can use as a handy reference in your workshop.

The plans also include a complete materials list with dimensions for each part. Use your own creativity to give your tables an individual, custom look!

Some of the necessary shuffleboard components such as an abacus, climatic adjusters and leg levelers can be purchased in our store. You will also need billiard felt, which can be purchased online or at a billiard store, depending on the color of your table, and bumper cushion material. And don't forget our beautifully laminated Bank Cushion Shuffleboard Rules Poster!

This is a very rewarding project that will provide many years of enjoyment for your family and friends!

Frequently Asked Questions About Building a
Shuffleboard Table

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Bumper Shuffleboard Table Plans

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BuBumper Cushionsmper Cushion Material

Another item you will need to complete your table is bumper cushion material. Our material is 118 inches long and can be cut and used to make bumpers for one bumper table.

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NOTE: Photo shows actual color of cushion material (Brownish/Red). In the picture, the shuffleboard table has cushions that are covered with blue felt to match the sample table's color scheme. (Actual cushions you are purchasing are not covered with felt. You can purchase any color of felt to match your table at your local store.)

Q. How much will the table materials cost?

A. The following is a materials cost estimate. A large part of the cost difference is whether you build the maple playing surface or have someone make it for you.


Maple Table top
60 bdft for frame (hardwood)
3 sheets hardwood plywood
24' of trim
Feet levelers
Stain and Varnish
Abacus beads and paint
Carpet, #'s and stripes
TOTAL = About $955.00    

Q. What tools are needed to build a table?

A. Building a shuffleboard table requires most of the tools found in a typical wood shop. Although I suppose a table could be built with hand tools, the following list is highly recommended:

Table saw, Miter saw, Random orbital sander, Surface Planer, Drill/Driver and bits, Router, Biscuit jointer, Various size clamps, Saw horses, Jig saw (band saw is also helpful), Tape measure, carpenters square, long straight edge, brad nailer, etc. A radial arm saw (or miter saw) are helpful for crosscuts.

Q. What size table can be made from the plans?

A. The plans are primarily geared toward making a 12' table. However, you can make the table longer if you wish to expand the dimensions listed in the plans.


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